About Rebecca

Rebecca Hanscombe is the Director of the School of Ecstatic Movement, a heart centred Shamanic Practitioner and co founder of The Wild Chocolate Club. She draws from a deep pool of experience and Body wisdom to skilfully facilitate and transmit sacred leadership skills with love and laughter. Rebecca has over 19 years experience of facilitating group processes and has been honing her skills as a Shamanic practitioner since 2005. In 1996, Rebecca pioneered Dance Movement Therapy in Holloway Prison and remained in the Criminal Justice sector until 2010. Within this field of work she ran many groups from Dance and movement and Mindfulness, to relapse prevention and Health & Well-being and has worked with thousands of people 1:1 as a substance abuse counsellor.  This work  continues to inspire her, everyone has their own personal history full of different traumas, sadness loss and despair and yet despite these stories we survive and can thrive given enough support, love and gentle encouragement. She continues to work within this field at Chandos House Residential Drug Treatment project in Bristol delivering Ecstatic Awakening Dance and 1-2-1 support for the residents.  This vocation and the various methods of integrating Mind body & Spirit that Rebecca has studied and then taught including  Mindfulness, Ear Acupuncture,  Medical Qi Gong,  Ecstatic Awakening Dance, Yoga, Shamanic Practice, Womb Wisdom, and Meditation have led her to embody & develop a powerful series of  of transformational  workshops, events and trainings that she facilitates throughout the UK and Europe ‘allowing sacred space’ in a way that is down to earth welcoming and safe. She is also the mother of a radiant and energetic 8 year old!

“I believe that Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is the fastest, safest most fun way to get out of the thinking of the head and into the feeling of the body. When I dance I create a space for miracles to happen, the rhythm of the music, my heart and the universe becoming one. Stripped of my dualistic ego I become naked and innocent like a child, open to the love and joy that resides at my core”.

We are living in radical times when there really is no choice for us other than to wake up out of the nightmare that has been created and dare to dream a new vision for humanity, We cannot undergo this transformation in consciousness while still having our lives run by old worn out ancestral stories and patterning, evolution is only available to everyone, nobody can be left behind and this starts with each person to courageously  step fully into their bodies and develop love and compassion for their own hearts”

About Zoë

Zoë is the Assistant Trainer at the School of Ecstatic Movement and is co-founder of the Wild Chocolate Club. She also runs a weekly Ecstatic Awakening Dance class called Village Beats.   Zoë is a Holistic Massage Therapist and Bodyworker and has built up a thriving practice at two clinics in Hereford. She realised she had a tendency to live in her head and ignore what was going on below her neck and decided to go in and explore the world of bodywork. Training in massage gave her the time and space to really integrate the wonder of our bodies. So many of us are disconnected from how our bodies feel and often have just no real sense of the tensions we can be holding. Through warming, movement, stretching and witnessing clients, she saw that real transformation can happen. It was during this massage training course that Zoë was introduced to Ecstatic Awakening Dance and after just one session, she was hooked on the process. She is passionate about the transformation Ecstatic Awakening Dance can afford to any of us should we be brave enough to turn up, let go and really allow ourselves to wholeheartedly engage with the process. Through massage and the dance, Zoë knows the importance of us coming back home to, and falling in love with, our bodies and how deeply healing on every level this is.   Dancing makes Zoë’s soul sing and EAD gives her a way to bear witness to that song that needs to be noticed.
Zoë is a single mother to four children and they live out in the South Herefordshire countryside. Her children go to a Steiner School which approaches the education of the child through mind, body and soul. Each element of the child, intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically, is considered to be as important as the next and it is for this reason Zoë was drawn to this education for her children. Each stage of the child’s development is met as it manifests in the child through learning, movement and being out on the land. This reflects how Zoë feels we all need to be met- exactly where we are in this moment, and how with the support we need to move into our next stage of development, we can be enabled to become the best and most whole versions of ourselves possible.

Zoë has also worked over many years with families, especially mothers of young children, to help support them find their answers to the best way they can support their children, themselves and their partners (if they have one). She also undertook the extensive La Leche League training to become a breastfeeding peer support worker. Zoë still offers 1-2-1 support to mothers of newborns to help them establish their breastfeeding relationship. This support is underpinned by supporting new mothers to feel empowered in their choices and to fully acknowledge how overwhelming those early days with a new baby can be.

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” Rumi.

It was a life changing experience to embark on the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher Training. Rebecca created a deep fun and loving space…Thank you for supporting me to go to the depths of myself and comprehend my ecstatic nature.