Jamie Raftery

Born and raised in West Ireland. Jamie is a very passionate, creative, enthusiastic, humble and determined man. Grafting his way from a 15 year old pot washer to cooking on the toughest section in world number 1 restaurant The French Laundry 10 years later is testament to his will and strength of character. He has an unshakable desire and commitment to achieve his goals and dreams. Jamie’s mission as The Holistic Chef is to educate, inspire and empower people to live a healthier and happier life by choosing more nutritious foods on a daily basis. His mantras are ‘let food be thy medicine’ and ‘our health is our greatest wealth’

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food’’

Good nourishing food has the power to nurture our body, mind and soul. The food we consume every day either drains or replenishes our balance of yin and yang energies. To consume an array of delicious unprocessed plant foods is a way to connecting with the sun and derive a life force energy from the magic cycle of photosynthesis. Eating, savouring and celebrating plant foods is a way of connecting and respecting the elements and gifts of mother nature.. The more disconnected we become from our food source, the more negatively our psyche and soma is impacted.

Our intimate relationship with food begins when we are growing in our mother’s womb.. The strength, quality, love and appreciation of this relationship journey throughout our lives is the bedrock of our very being.

‘’Respect for life is respect for food, for who we are is what we eat’’

DAY ONE: Welcome Dinner – 18.00

Hibiscus, orange and rose water ‘kefir champagne’

Rainbow rice paper rolls, avocado, seaweed, sesame, pineapple satay.

Portobello mushroom baked in miso and coconut vinegar with a millet, sprouted buckwheat and red pepper croquette, black sesame yoghurt.

Lentil and mushroom ‘no-meatloaf’ with pomegranate glaze, sweet potato and parsnip gratin, steamed greens

Hemp and carrot cake, passion fruit curd, raspberries, chia seed and orange jam, walnut rawnola

Ceremonial cacao, brazil, maca and ashwagandha raw brownie



0830: Breakfast: barley and oat porridge with raisins, vanilla, cinnamon and elderberry
Brekky buffet, nut butters/bread/tea-coffee/avocado/chia puddings/cashew yoghurts/fresh fruit
1130: Break: chocolate, banana, maca and orange shake
1300: Lunch: parsnip soup with rosemary, bread

Salad of cous-cous, pomegranate, cucumber, mint, sunflower and almonds


1600: Break: tea/coffee – matcha, pumpkin, fig and blackcurrant energy bombs


1800: Dinner: Moroccan vegetable tagine, turmeric brown rice, rainbow salad, millet bread

Dessert: apple and pear compote with buckwheat and coconut streusel

0830: Breakfast: forbidden black rice porridge with coconut, matcha, goji and cardamom
Brekky buffet: nut butters/bread/tea-coffee/avocado/chia puddings/cashew yoghurts/fresh fruit
1130: Break: banana, tigernut, almond and vanilla horchata smoothie



1300: Lunch: carrot, turmeric and coconut soup, bread.
lentil dahl, indian salad


1600: Break: tea/coffee – 5 grain cacao and coconut pops


1800: Dinner: caponata, pearl barley paella, olive and tomato tapenade, polenta chips, rocket salad
Dessert: tiramisu with coffee and cardamom with ceremonial cacao and banana ice cream

0830: Breakfast: spinach and oat pancakes, nut butter, chia seed jam, cashew yoghurt
Brekky buffet: nut butters/bread/tea-coffee/avocado/chia puddings/cashew yoghurts/fresh fruit


1130: Break: coconut, peanut butter, cacao, fig and carob smoothie


1300: Lunch: celeriac and apple soup, bread.
millet salad with pumpkin, avocado, tomato and omega seeds


1600: Break: tea/coffee, almond, cacao and fig cookies


1800: Dinner: vegetable and adzuki bean masala, 5 grain pilaf, root vegetable mash, carrot, red cabbage and apple slaw.
Dessert: Indian rice pudding, pineapple and coconut ice cream


0830: Breakfast: pinhead oats and ceremonial cacao croquette with maple, banana and acai berry jam
Brekky buffet:nut butters/bread/tea-coffee/avocado/chia puddings/cashew yoghurts/fresh fruit etc


1130: Break: mango, orange, passionfruit and lime smoothie


1300: Lunch: red pepper, tomato and miso soup. bread,
raw pad thai salad, pineapple satay.


1600: Break: tea/coffee, chia seed, quinoa and oat bars


1800: Dinner: cabbage okonomiyaki, brown rice noodles, miso, stir fry vegetables
Dessert: blood orange mousse with rhubarb and brazil but cookie


0830: Breakfast: buffet

Eating up any delicious extra food as a buffet!