TRAINING: Starting 5th September 2017




  • Inspire you to be passionate about teaching;


  • Empower you with confidence to be a group leader;


  • Give you the ability to hold space for others;


  • Teach you some effective transformational tools that involve movement, breath, meditation and dance;


  • Give you expertise in teaching an exciting and unique format of Ecstatic Movement;


  • Enable you to take a quantum leap in your own process of personal transformation.


The School of Ecstatic Movement and teacher training programme were established in 2007 to deliver a standard of excellence to become a teacher of Ecstatic Awakening Dance.
We are dedicated to always being on the cutting edge of research into the body, healing and its evolving wisdom.
This course is packed full of theoretical knowledge & many practical exercises that will have you feeling all the benefits of following your own Bliss and then leading others to follow theirs.
We have an excellent system and training programme. Ecstatic Awakening Dance was established in 1996 out of Amoda’s extensive published psychology degree thesis in the late 80’s into the benefits & effects of anaerobic exercise on the body to relieve stress build-up. In subsequent years it has been added to and refined but the structure has stayed true to its conception.
All the coursework over the 9 months has been mapped in this training so that each module gives you insights and background information about why this method works so fundamentally to shift your whole life in a safe, effective and timely way, that’s requires nothing more of you than to turn up to a class on a regular basis and move.   Increasing your awareness, experience and knowledge with leading edge scientific research backed theoretical information.


This price of £1650 includes 2 online webinars per month, all course work materials and support, Certification, all inclusive Residential Training and Practical Assessment.

It is also possible to pay your course fees by an installment plan.

Please enquire for further details.


A deposit of £297 is required to confirm your place. (please note this is non-refundable and transferable for 1 year only in case of cancellation; in the unlikely event of cancellation by the School of Ecstatic Movement, full refund will be made).




Information about the residential module:

The residential module is module 6 and will be taking place between the 20-25th February 2018 at Ragman’s Lane Permaculture Farm in Gloucestershire.  The residential will be fully inclusive. Our residential is always held somewhere beautiful and is deeply nourishing for mind, body and soul.  We dive into the method supported by delicious, nurturing food.




If you would like to spread the cost of the training over the 9 months; there is an installment plan available.  Please just ask for more details.  To secure your place, we will need the non-refundable deposit of £297 to be paid in advance.  If you then would like to pay in installment, we will be happy to help facilitate that.


To book your place please send a deposit of £297.


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For more information contact Rebecca:

Tel: 07879 292235

Email: rebecca@schoolofecstaticmovement.com

Course Outline:

This is a new 9 month online course with a 6 day residential module.



The course will include:



Online webinars and support.

Module 1: Building Blocks and History of the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Process
Module 2: Coming Home to your Body
Module 3: Shake Awake: Emptying the Vessel
Module 4: The Ecstatic Awakening Dance Experience
Module 5: Grounding
Module 6: Shamanic Techniques to Ecstasy
Module 7: Six Day Residential Training and Practical Assessment
Module 8: Running a Transformational Business
Module 9: Certification

There are 2 main aspects of this Training:

 1. The Method

This covers everything you need to know about how and why this method is effective, as well as giving you an experiential foundation in teaching the various stages, holding space, and all other practicalities. You will have ample time for practice and feedback sessions during the Modules and you will also be required to practice with your peers in between sessions.

The topics include:

The Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ Method ( formerly known as Ecstatic Trance Dance) – the origins of this method, understanding the tools of Movement, Breath and Meditation; the 5 stages and what their purpose and benefits are; how to structure a class; what makes this method unique and effective.

Active Meditation – the benefits of “developing the witness”; using movement to move into meditation; other forms of Active Meditation that fast-track your personal transformation and understanding of this Method.

The Map of the Body – how movement leads to well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels; learning to read the “story of the body”; preparation and Warm-Up techniques.

Emotional Catharsis – why catharsis or “emptying the vessel” is necessary; how to work with emotional catharsis in a group; how to cleanse and raise energy using the “shake”.

The Breath of Fire or Energy Dance – the purpose and benefits of this stage of the Method; the transformational power of the breath and techniques for working with the breath; how to hold space for the let-go process.

Holding Space – grounding through stillness; centering through guided meditation; how to create a safe closing circle; the art of listening & being through “sharing circles”; the power of your voice to guide others.

Music – how to use recorded and live music for Ecstatic Movement (you will be given a list of tried and tested music to work with and also specially-created music for this Method).

Practice – time to practice and make mini-presentations of the segments of the class with useful feedback to take you to the next stage.

Shamanic Practice – An introduction to Shamanic Practice and how it may impact on Ecstatic Awakening Dance.

2. Passionate Empowerment

This gives you the keys to becoming a successful and inspirational teacher, which includes the ability to be present, to be passionate and to connect directly with the people who come to your class. You will be “fired up” to uncover your unique gifts and take action to bring them into the world.

The topics include:

Becoming An Inspirational Teacher – identifying your purpose and role as a teacher; uncovering your vision; the keys to moving past fear into your passion.

Your Unique Brilliance – how to bring your unique gifts into your teaching; revealing your inner radiance; being of service and making a contribution to the world.

Presentation Skills – developing confidence; using a microphone; connecting through presence and passion; playfulness and letting yourself be seen.

Being a Success – the 7 keys to success; how to move from motivation to inspiration;
the basics of running a business.

Please Note: There may be minor variations to the exact details of the topics, depending on the needs of the group.
Certified Teachers from the 2010 Teacher Training


Certification will be given on complete attendance and participation of the Teacher Training,  and an on-going assessment (both practical and written). Full details will be laid out in pre training agreement given when you book your place.


“I turned up to the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher Training full of trepidation. Just getting there had been a mission and I was very excited and very, very nervous. The next 10 days took me, and my fellow course mates, on the journey of a lifetime. We had little idea of the challenges, the tears, the laughter, the sisterhood and the release of the furious dancing to come. Rebecca Hanscombe created mirrors for us to truly see our edges, our fears, our holdings and our resistant patterns and then held us as they broke apart. She let us dive in deep into it all. Rebecca then gave us the space and the support to rebuild and strengthen from a place of love. It wasn’t an easy time for any of us but goodness me it was liberating! The training to run a class was thorough and comprehensive, so much so, I felt confident enough to start my own weekly class just 3 weeks after completing the training. If you want to do something that will transform how you feel about yourself and others I can’t recommend this teacher training highly enough. If you have been hesitating as to whether to do this course or not, I would just urge you to take the plunge and go for it. I did and it was the best decision I could ever have made.”

Zoë Mason