Here at the School of Ecstatic Movement we strive, and ask, for excellence. So, what do we mean by that?
As trainers and as a team we strive to be the best we can be with the tools we have available to ourselves, here and now in this moment. We believe this allows us to be the best people to bring this training to whoever comes onto our Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher Training Courses.

We know we have an excellent system and training programme. Ecstatic Awakening Dance was established in 1996. In subsequent years it has been added to and refined to become the best version of the process and the training it has ever been.

We ask for excellence from our teachers. So, in real terms, what does this mean to you? We have no set idea of who we want to join us here. We welcome all of you, wherever you are in this moment.

Maybe you feel you have done all the self-development you can at this time and want to step into teaching, You are welcome.

Are you not quite sure who you are yet or why you want to come on the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher Training, but know it’s something you are drawn to? You are welcome.

Do you have no idea what EAD is but for some inexplicable reason have found yourself here and are now just really curious as to what it all is? You are welcome.

You just love dance and have found it is a great way to get out of your busy head and connect with yourself and you would like the opportunity to help others do the same. You are welcome.

Everyone is welcome, wherever you are and whatever reason has brought you here.


All we ask of you is that you come into the training with openness, curiosity and a willingness to learn what we have to offer.  Bringing readiness to witness what might come up in yourself and the courage to hold any edges you might feel popping up. To be able to have the understanding that what arises is a reflection of our own internal chatter, to have enough awareness to embrace the fears you might have about your own insecurities and then an enthusiasm about learning new ideas. We ask you hold the curiosity to drop out of your busy thinking heads to explore the power of movement, breath and rhythm to enable you to notice how it feels in your body through the Ecstatic Awakening Dance process.

Why do we need that from you?


Well, these are the qualities you are going to need to be able to be a grounded, confident, empowered and knowledgeable Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher.

When you hold your classes, you are going to be inviting people to be courageous enough to drop down out of their busy thinking minds into their bodies to find out what ever needs to be seen there. This is radical for many of us in this busy, technology led Western world.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance gives everyone a way to drop down, ground themselves and let go in safety.

Our teachers need to be able to do just that too so you can create that space in you classes.

This training is one of the most amazing training I have ever done. If you want to improve your skills as a public speaker, this is the best training. I have felt more confident and more grounded after these 10 days. Very powerful. Thank you Rebecca!

Orianne Corman